Art Pick-Up & Delivery

Fine Art Shippers offers a full range of art pick-up and white glove delivery services in New York, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other cities across the US. We can collect artwork from any auction house or gallery and deliver it anywhere in the world quickly, safely, and on time. Be it a painting, sculpture, highly valuable porcelain, or a priceless antique, we will ensure that your precious cargo arrives in its perfect condition, without a scratch.

Galeyev Gallery logo

Galeyev Gallery, which is named after the well-known expert in Russian art of the 1920s-1930s Il’dar Galeyev, was founded in 2002. Located in the heart of Moscow’s historical and cultural center, it specializes in Russian artworks of the pre-World War II period. The gallery also has a special publishing program, the main goal of which is to fill in the gaps of the history of Russian art. It publishes complete scientific monographs on artists of that period, which serve as the primary source for studying of their work. In 2005, Galeyev Gallery was awarded the Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts for its publication of a unique artist monograph on the Leningrad painter Nikolai Lapshin (1891 – 1942). Moreover, its publications were also awarded diplomas by the Russian Association of Book Publishers in the nomination “The best book about the art.” In other words, Galeyev Gallery’s fine art exhibitions not only excite scholarly attention but also appeal to an audience interested in different kinds of art. In addition, Galeyev Gallery manages private and corporate art collections, as well as participates on behalf of the clients in the auctions worldwide. At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to work with Galeyev Gallery,...

iGavel Auctions

Founded by Lark Mason in 2003, iGavel Auctions is dedicated to the online auction sale of antiques, fine art, and all kinds of collectibles offered by a group of associated sellers and independently owned auction houses. Today, this site is a leader in its field, providing art collectors and dealers with the world-class auction services. Whether it comes to jewelry, fine ceramics, luxury watches, or vintage furniture, each lot offered through iGavel Auctions is always accompanied by complete condition reports, clear professional descriptions, and a number of high-quality images, which allows the buyer to be confident in the purchase. Besides, while auction sales take place online, iGavel Auctions often hosts exhibitions so that the buyers could handle and examine all the lots first-hand. At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to be engaged in this process, providing secure art shipping services to auction sellers and buyers from all over the world. Besides, since most of the items sold via iGavel Auctions are very valuable and fragile, we offer professional fine art packing services aimed at keeping even the most delicate objects secure during the whole process of transportation. We cherish our cooperation with iGavel Auctions and are determined to deepen our partnership.

Roland Auctions NY

Established by Robert and William Roland in 1973 as an antique gallery serving the United States and Europe, Roland Auctions has grown to become one of the most reputable auction houses in New York. Today, it offers a variety of services, including appraisals, consignments, and estate liquidation, not to mention that Roland Auctions NY specializes in selling fine art, antiques, vintage furniture, jewelry, and other valuable and collectible objects. Besides, it is known for its professional in-house and online estate sales, both small and large, held every month. Since Roland Auctions NY operates throughout the US and internationally, exporting fine art objects to collectors and dealers the world over, Fine Art Shippers is happy to see this auction house among our clients. Offering comprehensive fine art logistics services, we are always ready to provide auction buyers and sellers with a whole range of secure and cost-effective fine art packing and shipping solutions to meet all their needs. Every auction conducted by Roland Auctions NY is always a staple event for connoisseurs of art, decorators, and dealers alike, so we highly recommend this auction house to everyone looking for a reliable place to sell or buy their art and antiques.

Impact Art Gallery

Impact Art Gallery is a charitable art gallery that gives both artists and art buyers the power to make a real difference. Founded by Nick Delgado with the aim to make the world a better place, this gallery serves as a unique outlet for all connoisseurs of art wishing not only to acquire a beautiful artwork for their collection but also to make an impact on whatever cause they believe in. The fact is that when a painting or any other piece of art is purchased through Impact Art Gallery, 30% of the proceeds go to a charity of the buyer’s choice. In other words, this art gallery gives everyone an opportunity to change the world for the better through artistry, creativity, and passion. Besides, it is backed by only the most talented contemporary artists, such as Vladimir Nazarov, Jamie Gaviola, Anyes Galleani, and Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. For this reason, Fine Art Shippers is especially proud to see Impact Art Gallery among our clients and to provide professional fine art packing and shipping services to everyone who purchases art via it. If you need any fine art moving assistance with your artwork, Fine Art Shippers will be happy to help!

skachannye fajly

Jackson’s International Auctioneers and Appraisers was founded in the USA in 1969. It is headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Jackson’s Auction House is one of the biggest and most significant players in the American market. Every year, the company appraises and sells hundreds of fine art items and antiques, with prices reaching and exceeding millions of dollars. The company has 13 operating departments, offering its clients several types of bidding options, including bidding in person, internet bidding, absentee bidding, and bidding by phone to make the buying process as accessible as possible. However, paying for an item bought through Jackson’s is not the end of the purchasing process because auction buyers need to get their new property to its ultimate location safe and sound. The answer to this dilemma is easy: Fine Art Shippers will professionally assist you with fine art shipping, packing, crating, delivery, and storage of your works of art while guaranteeing the best pricing and individual approach.

Shapiro Auctions logo

Shapiro Auctions was founded in 2007. Today, this auction house located in the heart of New York City, the art capital of the world, is a recognized leader in the market of Russian fine and decorative arts, as well as European, Asian, North and South American art. Its auctions feature impressive specimens of rare books and manuscripts, icons, paintings, and all kinds of world cultural heritage, including antique and modern art. In addition to the auction and private sales, Shapiro Auctions offers fair appraisals of different fine art works for insurance, charitable donation, museums, trusts, and also private art collectors from all over the world. Fine Art Shippers, in its turn, being the recommended fine art shipping company of this reputable auction house, is engaged in a variety of art handling works and after-sale shipments, including those overseas and across the USA. In particular, our collaboration includes Russia and CIS shipments, and also such a laborious process as the international art transportation of large pieces that are hard to move and maneuver and that additionally require complex packing and crating services. A rare combination of personal service provided by Shapiro Auctions and Fine Art Shippers is able to...