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Choosing the right art packaging supplies is crucial when it comes to shipping valuable and fragile items. At Fine Art Shippers, we know that like no other because our team has been packing and shipping fine art since 1995. Moreover, we not only choose the best art packaging supplies but also build a sturdy wooden crate for each artwork we are trusted to ship. Thus, combining high-quality packaging materials, professional soft packing, and the right crating techniques, we guarantee that every single piece arrives at the intended destination in its perfect condition. However, in case you are going to pack your artwork yourself, you need to know where to buy art packaging supplies for this purpose. Let us recommend! was created by Peter and Greg Gallo, the founders of Grosso Art Packers, LLC, a family-operated art transportation and packing company located in Dumont, NJ. Offering special painting boxes for shipping, bubble wrap, foam, tape, and a whole range of other art packaging supplies at very competitive prices, has long been one of the best suppliers serving painting conservators, furniture restorers, picture framers, and individuals. Besides, this company also offers an opportunity to order a custom wooden crate that will be made to the exact dimensions of your artwork.

Whether it comes to expert fine art packing and crating support or you simply want to buy high-quality art packaging supplies, you can rely on They are sure to offer the cost-effective and reliable solution you are looking for!