Art Installers Near Me: How to Find and What to Expect

Art Installers Near Me How to Find and What to Expect

Imagine your gallery is participating in a fancy art fair, and you need to hang the paintings and fine art prints or place the sculptures to be sold. Or, for example, you are organizing an exhibition right in your gallery, and the guy who used to install the artwork for you is suddenly ill. There are many more situations where you ask yourself, “How do I find trustworthy art installers near me?” Urgently. Right now. In this blog post, you will find a life hack that may be helpful in this complicated situation.

Are There Art Installers Near Me? A Life Hack 

Perhaps, when you google “art installers near me,” there are no sufficient variants in your neighborhood, or the companies you see on the list have no reviews. Either way, there is a solution to the problem. You can always look for a fine art shipping company in your area. Most of them also offer art installation and deinstallation services, along with art packing and shipping. 

The decision to hire a fine art moving company is not a “last resort” solution. On the contrary, it has its advantages. As a rule, the staff of fine art moving companies comprises professional art handlers. This means that they understand the specifics of each work of art and are able to find a customized solution for all art installation needs.

More specifically, their expertise is not only in mounting fragile objects securely to any surface without damaging them; they also take care of the proper presentation of the artwork. Art handlers often work closely with curators and designers to determine artwork’s optimal placement in a given space. At the same time, they have in-depth knowledge of art preservation. This enables them to take responsibility for installing and adjusting lighting when the artwork needs to be well-lit while minimizing the risk of damage from heat or UV radiation. 

To summarize, if you ask yourself, “How to find art installers near me,” first check out fine art shipping companies in your area. And if your gallery or event location is in New York, don’t hesitate to contact the Fine Art Shippers team for help.