Art Handling in NYC Today: Expertise and Services

Art Handling in NYC Today

When we go to an exhibition or art fair, we usually look at artworks or read curatorial texts. Most of the time, we do not think about the fact that before we see the artwork, it has been prepared for transportation, packed, moved, unpacked, and finally mounted or installed. Art handlers are the people responsible for all of these processes. In this blog post, you will learn more about these people and their expertise, and what art handling in NYC means in its most sophisticated manifestation.

What Is Meant by High Standards of Art Handling in NYC? 

Every modern cultural institution — museum, gallery, art fair, or auction house – needs a specialist in installation and art packaging. At present, the situation in the industry has developed in such a way that there are not so many really good specialists in the field of art handling in NYC. Therefore, they often combine employment in several institutions or act as independent specialists who are recommended by friends or acquaintances.

At Fine Art Shippers, however, we are happy to say that we have professional, full-time art handlers on our team. They are responsible for packing, crating, unpacking, transporting, and installing fine art items ranging from oil paintings to sculptures. As you may know, all of these processes are key to the success of any exhibition, art fair, or auction. In addition, we engage art handlers in the white glove moving and shipping of fine china and other collectibles, as these precious items also deserve the most careful handling.

But why is it sometimes difficult to find professional art handlers in New York City? Is it too difficult to become one, or does it require a special educational background that costs too much? Certainly, not. The truth is that it is a profession that can only be learned through long and painstaking practice. A basic set of skills for an art handler is the following:

  • understanding of art techniques and their features;
  • in-depth knowledge of the properties of materials;
  • basic understanding of art conservation and storage;
  • skilled work with construction tools.

An art handler should also have a good eye and sense of space. It’s also important to have good communication skills, as this work involves working closely with clients to find well-tailored solutions for each specific situation.

So, if you need trustworthy specialists in art handling in NYC, don’t hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We would be delighted to have you as one of our valued clients.