Art Gallery Installation: A Professional Touch by Fine Art Shippers

Art Gallery Installation A Professional Touch by Fine Art Shippers

Fine art requires professional and delicate handling at all stages of its transportation and set-up. Therefore, art gallery installation is a process that requires proper training, qualification, and a creative touch that is impossible without a certain degree of experience. Once an art gallery moves to a new location or organizes an exhibition at some external art fair, it’s vital to install all objects in a way that speaks to the audience, delivers an artistic message across, and aids the visual perception of these works in tandem.

What Can Affect the Exhibition’s Impact?

Art installations are part and parcel of the modern gallery spaces. They presuppose the pre-defined installation and configuration of art objects in space, which amplifies the appeal of each item and makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Professional and considerate art gallery installation is a very important contribution to the exhibition’s success. Though every art object is uniquely appealing and valuable on its own, there is still a risk of inhibiting its appeal by wrong placement or poor lighting. Here are the best installation practices you should follow.

  • Proper light. Lighting plays a vital role in the artwork’s visual perception. The way the work is lit affects the visitor’s impression and makes the process of consuming art more or less rewarding. Thus, it’s essential to set up the lighting system in full compliance with the gallery curator’s vision and instructions, giving the audience a delightful experience.
  • Synchronization. Timing is key when it comes to installing art at some international fairs or exhibitions. You usually have little time to arrange the booth before the fair opens for public view, and the first visitors are usually private-access VIP guests. So, you have no room for mistakes or trial and error in installation.
  • Effective alignment. As a rule, a gallery features the works of many artists and creatives, so it’s important to have them all placed in compliance with the participants’ intentions and creative vision. It’s especially relevant to art installations meant for specific space dimensions and positioning and those losing their meaning and appeal in different physical conditions.

Art Gallery Installation: A Professional Touch by Fine Art Shippers

Whenever you start planning an art gallery installation, your safe bet is to deal with a reputable, experienced art handling provider, such as Fine Art Shippers. Our team is highly qualified in delicate and accurate art management, from deinstallation and packaging to transfer and further installation in clearly designated spaces.