4 Principles of the Installation of Art Pieces for the Exhibition

4 Principles of the Installation of Art Pieces for the Exhibition

It seems that the beauty of fine artworks cannot be overshadowed by any possible evils of this world. However, there are things that may make your viewing experience less exciting and satisfying, and poor installation is one of them. The success of every art exhibition markedly depends on exterior factors, such as positioning, light, and design. That’s why galleries and museums only work with experts when it comes to the installation of art pieces. Here are some principles that handlers follow to achieve excellent results.

4 Principles of the Installation of Art Pieces for the Exhibition

Time management is king

Many people are surprised by the fact the preparation for the installment takes more time than the process itself. As a rule, there are several time-consuming yet essential steps behind it. First and foremost, art handling companies should come to an agreement with artists or their representatives and event organizers about what, how, and when will be done. The second thing is actually the shipping process of artworks to the venue. The third step concerns the preparation of the place for the installation of art pieces. In the end, handlers install objects by using the proper equipment and hanging systems.

Lighting is key

Museums and galleries have light engineers who are responsible for the proper and accurate functioning, as well as aesthetics, of the lighting system. However, it is not always the case, which means that such a task lies on the shoulders of the installers. That’s why it is vital to have multi-skilled experts on the team. Talking about the team…

Synchronized teamwork matters

Effective teamwork is one of the biggest factors influencing the time management, accuracy, and safety of the installation of art pieces. The more professional, attentive, and diligent each member of the crew, the faster the booth will be ready for the presentation. It is all about the consistency of the company’s art installation services.

The devil is in the details

There are a lot of nuances connected to this type of work. Event organizers or artists might want you to rearrange the booth by adding and removing some parts of it. Also, there is no place for mistakes, so you and your colleagues need to be as precise as possible. The devil is indeed in the details.

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