Art Delivery Service Before and After Bonhams Auctions

Art Delivery Service Before and After Bonhams Auctions

Bonhams is one of the oldest and largest privately owned auction houses in the world. Its history began in 1793 when the English antique print dealer Thomas Dodd joined forces with the book specialist Walter Bonham to establish the company that would later become an international sensation and a trendsetter in the auction market. Selling and buying artworks and antiques at Bonhams might feel amazing. At the same time, every client should also think one step ahead and organize the smooth shipping process before and after auctions in advance. That’s where art delivery service by Fine Art Shippers will come in handy.

Our Experience with Bonhams

Fine Art Shippers has a long experience in picking up and delivering artworks from/to the auctions for our clients. Most of the time, these are collectors, dealers, antique hunters, and designers who need safe art delivery service to make sure nothing nasty will happen to their acquisitions along the way. This summer, we also provided our services directly to Bonhams in the US and assisted it in cross-country and international shipping. Auctioneers have several locations around the United States, and we can reach every one of them should the need arise.

Art Delivery Service by Fine Art Shippers

If you decide to sell or buy valuables at Bonhams and hire an art shipping company, you need to know how you can benefit from professional assistance.

First and foremost, do you homework to understand what range of services you need. Transportation is often an umbrella term that includes several things at once. What you basically need is shipping when people carry your items to the climate-controlled trucks and then safely move them to the desired location. In this case, you should plan ahead and request art delivery service in advance.

Packing is another thing that you might need for secure transportation. Such an option is always available for all our clients. Whether it is a century-old piece of furniture, fine china, or a large-scale canvas, Fine Art Shippers has all the necessary materials and equipment to protect any object, no matter how big and fragile it is. And if you require some other valued-added services, such as installation or storage, you should contact our managers to get the full information and discuss your needs in greater detail.

To deliver or pick up artworks to/from Bonhams with Fine Art Shippers, please request a free shipping quote online or email us at