Art Crating in Brooklyn: Service Provided by Fine Art Shippers

Art Crating in Brooklyn Service Provided by Fine Art Shippers

Even those people who have never been to the United States know that Brooklyn is New York’s most creative and flourishing borough. Beaux-Arts and Art Deco architecture, a huge number of museums, world-famous and small private galleries, antique shops with an amazing selection… It’s all Brooklyn. Naturally, the demand for art transportation services and art crating in Brooklyn is unusually high.

Fine Art Shippers: A Company That Specializes in Art Crating in Brooklyn

If you are looking forward to moving your works of art or antiques, we would be happy if you choose Fine Art Shippers for this task. Our company has extensive experience in fine art shipping throughout the United States, and we accept orders of any complexity.

Proper packing of a work of art is the key to its successful transportation. That is why we pay special attention to the choice of packing materials. After all, each type of object needs its own method of packing. The most reliable method of packing particularly fragile items is the use of a custom-made wooden crate. Art crates are also necessary when the artwork is going to be transported by sea or air.

Fine Art Shippers is happy to offer the service of fine art crating in Brooklyn and other boroughs of New York City.

There are two options for building a fine art shipping crate.

1. In our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY

In most cases, we pick up the artwork from the client’s location, take precise measurements, and build a custom crate in our Brooklyn warehouse. Each crate is constructed out of high-quality wood or plywood, according to the international standards. Our carpenters can even build a multi-layer crate, which may be required to transport several valuable art objects.

2. At the client’s location 

If the item cannot be delivered to our warehouse for any reason, our team of carpenters can build a crate right at the client’s location, provided that there is enough space for this job. They will bring all the necessary tools and materials with them, so the quality of the crate will be of the highest quality.

Whichever option of art crating in Brooklyn you choose, with Fine Art Shippers, you can be sure that your artwork will be delivered from point to point quickly, safely, and without headaches.