A Quick Introduction to an Art Collection Management System

A Quick Introduction to an Art Collection Management System

In the modern tech-savvy age, even such traditional industries as art management take advantage of technological tools. One innovation that has transformed the work of art collection managers is the art collection management system, a particular type of software meant for documenting, tracking, and maintenance of artwork items. Let’s have a look at its features and purposes.

Features of Art Collection Management Software

The main functions you should look for in an art collection management product are as follows.

Cataloguing and inventory management

Your management system should enable detailed standardized records for every artwork item in your collection. It should contain the whole history of artwork ownership and exhibition for each item.

Exhibition and loan management

You should be able to schedule and plan all exhibitions for a particular artwork, including dates and venues, for effective organization of art logistics. The system should also contain data about lending terms and conditions for artwork.

Insurance and artwork valuation

The management system should contain all insurance details, such as insurance provider, cost, and expiration dates. It should alert you early about the approaching expiration date so that you can renew the insurance on time.

Location tracking

The system should include data about every artwork’s current location and the grounds on which it has been transported to a specific location (e.g., exhibition loan or art fair).

Condition reporting

Art collection management also presupposes the publication of regular condition reports to enable timely condition management and restoration.

Why Use Such a System?

Using contemporary software tools for art management comes with many benefits. First, you will see quick gains in terms of efficiency and organization, as such systems streamline all processes by organizing data in one place. Second, art management systems enable better artwork preservation due to regular condition reporting and tracking.

The availability of all data about art exhibits in one repository improves its accessibility for numerous stakeholders involved in the management process. This advantage, in turn, improves the risk management of artwork collection handling.

What Art Collection Management System Can You Choose?

The market for art collection management systems is not that saturated yet, but you still have plenty of options to choose from. At present, the most popular management systems for art collectors are:

  • eMuseum
  • Gallery Systems
  • Collector Systems
  • PastPerfect
  • The Museum System

You may choose an art collection management system from this list or look for other options currently entering the market. Any of them will significantly reduce your workload in the process of art management.