A Quick Guide to Popular Art Collection Management Jobs

A Quick Guide to Popular Art Collection Management Jobs

When we talk about a versatile and rich art collection, there are many activities involved in its management. It requires a person who will oversee the collection and track its condition, manage all records, control preservation and restoration measures, curate exhibitions, etc. That’s why we can’t talk about art management as a single profession; it includes many art collection management jobs that don’t overlap. One or several experts can perform them if your collection is rather small. Yet, you will need to hire a separate professional for every task as your collection grows.

What Art Collection Management Jobs Are There?

Here is the list of the most common art collection management jobs you may encounter in the modern art industry. All of them require specialized training and a solid background in art.

Collection Manager

This person is responsible for the general oversight of your art collection, its organization, and documentation of all activities executed with the art objects. They also curate other people’s work and coordinate the efforts of staff involved in your collection’s management.


This specialist is responsible for all records related to artwork objects in your collection. They manage records, catalog the items, document all sales and acquisitions, track and schedule the loans of artwork to various institutions, and guarantee that all documents are well-organized and easily retrievable.


As the profession’s title suggests, this person curates the process of artwork management and research. They are also tasked with exhibition planning and concept development so that the display follows a coherent idea and style.


Since all artworks are susceptible to degradation, the conservation team is responsible for assessing their conditions and planning the schedule for artwork restoration. They also develop plans for secure storage and shipping of delicate, old artwork items so that they do not degrade too quickly. In case the artwork is in a fragile state, conservators organize proper restoration activities to ensure your property stays in good condition.


The majority of old artwork items have a unique history that needs to be told to art enthusiasts. Thus, every art collection requires an archivist who will trace the history and archival records of every art object with a rich history and a long list of previous owners.

Art Handler

No art collection will do without a team of seasoned, experienced art handlers, as these people execute all physical movements of art objects with due care about safety and intactness. They are responsible for artwork packaging, shipping, loading, unloading, and installation, with each aspect coming with unique risks for the delicate art.

Now you know all the major jobs involved in art management, and, hopefully, this will help you organize and preserve your collection the way it deserves.