6 Ways to Accessorize Your Room with Timeless Tapestries

Timeless Tapestries

Tapestries are among the most beautiful room décor ideas, and they’re cost-effective and an excellent alternative to other décor ideas, such as paintings and wallpapers. When carefully picked and utilized, they help you accessorize a room, dramatically changing its feel and look. Another good thing about tapestries is their diverse uses.

Moreover, tapestries are an ideal décor and artwork for any room, giving the same feel as art pieces, like paintings and photography. They also have an element of texture. Also, they’re able to create the theme of a room in a way only tapestries can. Whether it’s a particular culture, scene, tradition, or history, tapestries do it best.

But how do you ensure that you accessorize your room just right? Here are six ways to do just that:

1. Create a tapestry wallpaper 

You can use large-scale tapestries as a substitute for regular wallpaper for your room. The texture and patterns in a tapestry will transform your walls in a good way. Besides, it’s a good solution for budget décor or when you don’t want a more permanent solution, like painting. If you have more than a few tapestries, you can change your wall art to different designs as you may please.

With tapestries, you can easily give your room a stunning effect without the expense that comes from other ways of accessorizing your wall, such as painting. Also, tapestries are much easier to install and remove any time you want.

Here are a few ways you use to turn a tapestry into wallpaper:

  • Hang it from a rod
  • Use adhesive—only use this when you have a lighter tapestry
  • Stretch it over a frame
  • Frame it

2. Use it on the ceiling 

Most of the time, people like to leave the ceiling plain white and without any decorations. However, hanging a tapestry from your ceiling can help you conceal unsightly spots while helping you accentuate the room. This is made possible since tapestries will also serve as a focal point. You can shop your favorite tapestries from places like Fine Art America, or bring back a souvenir from your favorite holiday destination.

Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling or simply draping it and letting it rest on the wall creates a romantic living area or dreamy bedroom. Ensure the tapestry complements the colors of your walls and other elements in the room. Having a tapestry hanging from the ceiling can also make your room look spacious.

In addition to being an attractive and unique room accessory, a large-scale tapestry on your ceiling can change the room’s ambiance.

3. Accessorize your window treatments 

Tapestries can make lovely curtains and introduce a relaxing and calming feel to the room. Other than providing you with the privacy you need, they’re a good way of adding color to your room. They are a good option, particularly when you’re not a big fan of plain colored curtains or plastic window blinds.

Additionally, unlike ordinary curtains, tapestries can dance with light from the windows, creating beautiful patterns and shadows in your room. You can also filter natural light with a tapestry and make sunlight dance in your room. This can create an appealing and artistic atmosphere in the room. However, take note that this effect will depend on the tapestry fabric and print.

6 Ways to Accessorize Your Room with Timeless Tapestries

4. Use it as a bedspread 

The good thing with tapestries, especially lightweight ones, is their versatility. When you use them as bedspreads, they don’t change or affect the comfort or warmth of your bed. They only add to its beauty and change the entire atmosphere and feeling of the room. If you want to do something with a tapestry other than hanging it, consider using them as an accessory for your bed.

If you love a beautiful-looking bed, you’ll love how a tapestry will look on your bed. Better still, you can find large tapestries that can flow and hang nicely on the bed, no matter the size.

5. Make decorative pillows 

Whether it’s the pillows on the bed on seats, tapestries have a way of transforming a room completely. Using a tapestry fabric to make pillow covers can help you define your space’s décor. It can help you create elegance, uniqueness, and catchy décor for your rooms.

6. Make a tablecloth 

A table cloth can influence the mood at the dining table, as well as bring lively conversations in the living room. This is because a table cloth adds an element of color, texture, and personality to the table. This also makes a great way to repurpose tapestries that don’t sit well in other areas, such as walls, ceilings, or windows.

If you happen to have tapestries that would be considered too minimalist because they lack something to keep your interest, perhaps they can do well on the dining table. Using a minimalist tapestry will help you create a good cover for your table and help you highlight your dishes.


Tapestries are just a great way to decorate and accessorize any room. There are numerous patterns and designs to choose from too. However, when picking your tapestry, consider which accessory you want and for which room. This will help you select the weight, size, and colors that match your needs. Have fun with tapestries, as they give you enough room to experiment.