6 Qualities of a Highly Effective Art Handler

6 Qualities of a Highly Effective Art Handler

There is a popular expression “born leader,” but is there a born art handler? These are people who directly take responsibility for your artworks whenever you want to ship them. Without their professional skills, art logistics services would be ineffective, which would cause massive problems in the art market. What is the image of the perfect handler, and what qualities make a reliable specialist?

Six Qualities of a Highly Effective Art Handler

1. Educated

Handlers need to work with all kinds of art, from paintings to large art installations. Knowledge is what helps them carry even the most fragile objects safely. Otherwise, a proper lack of understanding might cause practical difficulties.

2. Communicative

Teamwork is the centerpiece of effective cooperation. That is why every art handler should have advanced communicative skills to plan and communicate their plans of action with their partners.

3. Organized

Art logistics is all about organization, and self-organization is also very important. This quality helps people better organize their time and thus be more effective at work.

4. Problem-solving skills

It is no secret that the process of handling art is full of nuances and challenges. That is why problem-solving skills are always relevant for a professional handler.

5. Attentive

The scrupulous attention to detail is what makes every art handling expert different from a casual mover. Art is very delicate, and even a small miscalculation can completely destroy an artwork.

6. Patient

Meticulous attention always goes hand in hand with patience. Without it, there is a high chance of mishap. Safety is the first thing that every art handler pays attention to. Service speed comes after it.

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