6 Creative Ideas to Honor Your Dearly Departed in an Artistic Fashion

When you lose a loved one, it takes time to fight the grief and curtail the agony of their loss. With time, you can ease the pain by finding ways to honor your deceased loved one instead of grieving their loss. If your dearly departed had a creative side, the task of honoring them should be more impactful. Apart from acting as a therapeutic process for you and your family to move on, honoring them will keep their memories alive.

Here are 6 fascinating and creative ways to honor your deceased loved one in the most artistic way possible.

6 Creative Ideas to Honor Your Dearly Departed in an Artistic Fashion

1. Transform Funeral Flowers into Jewelry

Do not let the flowers used in the funeral go to waste. You can use them to make beautiful jewelry instead and honor your loved one. Make a bracelet, rosary, pendant, or a pair of earrings by separating the petals and cutting them into tinier pieces. Some online stores also help you convert their handwriting into memorial jewelry by engraving or printing their handwriting on metal. Other ways to make memorial jewelry is by locking a strand of their hair into resin and turning it into a pendant. You can find several DIY videos and instructions online to make jewelry at home.

2. Invest in a Beautiful Cremation Urn

Whether you wish to share or keep an urn with the cremated remains of your deceased loved one, consider getting an artistic and beautiful urn as a simple way to honor them. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and styles. From wooden to metal urns, pick an urn that your loved one would have liked. Visit your nearby memorial urn shop and pick an artistic urn that best resembles your loved one’s character. Today, you can also find urns that are designed with specific themes in mind. For example, if your loved one was fond of motorcycles, find an urn representing a motorcycle theme.

3. Stitch a Blanket or Pillow Cover Using their Clothes

Gather your loved one’s clothes and create patches to stitch a pillow cover or a blanket. This is the best way to preserve their scent and feel their warmth when you use the blanket or pillow cover. Do not worry if you are not really good at stitching; it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you want, you can take the cloth patches to your local tailor and get them stitched.

6 Creative Ideas to Honor Your Dearly Departed in an Artistic Fashion

4. Hand Out Memorial Seed Cards

Remembering a deceased loved one by growing a plant is the purest form of tribute. Plantable memorial seed cards are handed out as an ode to the deceased individual’s love for the environment. These seed cards turn into plants when carefully potted and watered every day. Since they are made from waste, you are contributing to the environment while remembering your loved one. Choose among a variety of plants such as a wildflower blend or forget-me-nots. These seed cards also allow you to write a message on the paper before you can sow it. Place the blooming memento on your windowsill or a place where you can see and tend to it every day.

5. Frame a Piece of Their Writing

If you have a piece of their handwritten letter, poem, recipe, or even random scribbling, get it framed and hang it on your wall to keep their memory intact. To make it more impactful, add their photos or create a collage with the main handwritten letter placed in the center. Buy a set of similar-looking frames with different sizes and add different elements to each frame. Learn how to arrange the frames on a plain wall to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. With this, you can create an entire memorial wall to honor your loved one, piece by piece.

6. Get a Tattoo of their Favorite Quote

Getting a tattoo is the best way to keep a piece of your loved one for the rest of your life. If they had any favorite quote or line from a book or a movie, get it tattooed the way they would like it. You can also get their name or date of birth by adding your own artistic touch to it. Some tattoo artists also offer an artistic way to pay tribute to your dearly departed by adding their cremated remains to the ink, which makes the tribute even more personal and impactful.

You can also consider donating your loved one’s books and clothes to charity or people in need. Insert a message inside the books and clothes to signify this act. Even though you are giving away a piece of their soul, it is an effective way to honor your dearly departed. Apart from these creative ways, consider other DIY craft projects such as making bookmarks and compiling a scrapbook to keep your loved one’s memories alive.