5 Practical Ways to Use an Art Crate

5 Practical Ways to Use an Art Crate

Wooden art crates are famous for their durability and longevity and have long earned great respect among professional shippers. They are used to ship items requiring an extra level of security, which is possible due to the strong and sturdy structure of a box. At the same time, some people have no idea what objects can be transported with the help of an art crate. Today, we want to talk about several practical ways how you can make the most out of those versatile containers.

5 Practical Ways to Use an Art Crate

1. Large-scale canvases

A big painting is the most common and basic occupier of a wooden box. In this sense, size does matter, as small canvases are rarely crated due to the less risk of damage during transportation. If you have never used an art crate for your items and favored packaging boxes instead, maybe it is time to try to get to the next level of safety.

2. Fragile sculptures

Due to the different nature of sculptures, packers may come up with various versions of containers to ensure the protection of objects. For example, some items may require standard enclosed boxes, while others can be shipped only in skeleton crates. It is never the same.

3. Glass art

Glass objects deserve a special mention due to their high fragility. It takes nothing to smash a stand-alone glass sculpture into smithereens. For this reason, crates are the only reliable solution in such cases. You can also use them to move some old or valuable dinnerware.

4. Antique furniture

Speaking of old and flimsy items, we cannot help but mention some antique furniture that can justifiably be called works of art. Even though it is not a common way to use an art crate, some particularly delicate pieces should be delivered in protected containers because moving blankets are not enough.

5. Pianos

Piano moving may take different scenarios, and each new one is not similar to the previous one. In a nutshell, professional handlers should take into account a bunch of parameters to decide whether a piano needs an art crate, which is technically the same.

Need a Crate?

Whatever your preferences, all you need to obtain a good container is a company specializing in building custom-built packages. And if you are in New York City, such a company is right in front of you. We can make crates for any purpose and assist you in putting your belongings in them without breaking them.