5 Common Challenges of Shipping Large Artwork Interstate

5 Common Challenges of Shipping Large Artwork Interstate

Packing and shipping artworks is always an entertaining yet complex task when you, as a handler, need to follow the time-proven procedure. And as there are different types of cakes, there are various kinds of breakables as well. Size is one of the most deciding difficulty factors making the transportation of canvases more complicated. However, when compared to baking, new layers don’t mean that you need more ingredients to have a good recipe for success. The approach is what matters most. That’s why the most common challenges of shipping large artwork are linked to how meticulous you are with details in the process.

5 Common Challenges of Shipping Large Artwork Interstate

One man in a department is not a shipper

A bigger size almost always means greater weight. If you are an average human being, you won’t be able to transport a painting twice as big as yourself on your own. It means that one shipper is no longer enough, and you need a team to travel with you.

Fitting it inside a truck

All trucks are different. At Fine Art Shippers, we drive vehicles customized to fit pieces of any size. That’s why shipping large artwork interstate is not a problem for us. However, it does cause a predicament in those cases when there are a lot of items inside, so you have to be very precise with your calculations.

5 Common Challenges of Shipping Large Artwork Interstate

Approaching installation

Hanging big paintings on a wall requires some knowledge and skill. The thing is that you need to choose the appropriate hanging system to make sure the object is well-secured and has enough space.

Crating challenges

Often, big pieces need to go in large wooden boxes. As a rule, crates are custom-made, so crating a chunky sculpture or canvas will take more time, resources, and effort from carpenters. Or you can use a cardboard box, which is still possible yet riskier.

5 Common Challenges of Shipping Large Artwork Interstate

Having a tight grasp

When shipping large artwork, you would want to have a firm grasp of the surface you touch and hold. For this reason, people don’t use moving gloves unless certain conditions. Freshly washed and thoroughly dried bare hands are enough.

To Wrap It Up

If you are looking for a sure recipe for the safe delivery of large-scale and bulky art, you need professionals with a taste for good services. Shipping large artwork with Fine Art Shippers will be your best decision and a risk-free way to approach a daunting task without any worries whatsoever.