4 Ways to Destroy Your Art, or How NOT to Store Canvas Paintings

4 Ways to Destroy Your Art, or How NOT to Store Canvas Paintings

Many beginning art collectors don’t even suspect that poor storage conditions are probably some of the biggest risk factors for their pieces. Most of the time, these are not thieves who steal art or artwork shippers who break it during transportation but art owners who fail to foresee quite a calculable future. If you have just started collecting paintings and you want to make sure that they will be safe in the long run, you should NOT repeat the mistakes enlisted below. Let’s see how to store canvas paintings properly.

4 Ways to Destroy Your Art, or How NOT to Store Canvas Paintings

1. Stack it one on top of the other

Laying paintings on the floor is a bad idea, but stacking them on top of each other is even worse. Always store canvas paintings upright. The easiest way is to buy or build a special rack for canvases.

2. Store it in a basement or attic

At a glance, a basement and an attic are some of the safest zones in a house, but it’s a horrific environment for art. The problem lies in humidity. If it is too damp, you will find a mold growing on the surface of a painting. If it is too dry, an artwork can warp.

3. Pick the most visible place in a room

Canvas paintings are not protected against sunlight. As a rule, the most visible place is the most dangerous spot to hang your picture. Bear it in mind.

4. Do your best to find a place for every artwork, even if your art collection is too big

Storing an art collection requires not only action but responsibility. If you see it growing pretty fast, opt for the nearest art storage facility. It is much more effective than trying to fit everything into an apartment or house.

Those are the best way to destroy your precious art without putting in much effort. And if you want to store canvas paintings like an expert, do everything listed above the other way around.