4 Piano Shipping Mistakes That Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Congratulations! You are a happy piano owner. Having such an exquisite and sophisticated musical instrument must feel amazing. However, with such a precious belonging comes great responsibility. Consider, for example, piano moving. It is indeed a painstaking and meticulous process requiring a good deal of time and effort. As practice shows, many people go through a rough patch in an attempt to ship their pianofortes. If you do not want to step on the same rake as others, here are four piano shipping mistakes you should avoid!

4 Piano Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not knowing how to dismantle a piano

At first glance, it does not seem like a problem. In reality, though, many people do not know what parts are detachable and should be shipped separately. That is why learning the basics is a must.

2. Failing to pad and wrap a piano accurately

Not only should you buy the necessary packing materials, but you should also know how to wrap a piano in blankets and padding properly to ensure all edges of this valuable musical instrument are protected.

3. Hiring unqualified movers

Entrusting such a delicate and complex task as piano relocation to an incompetent team of movers is a waste of time and resources. Instead, consider hiring experienced and reputable piano movers who know everything about piano shipping.

4. Not insuring the instrument

If you do not insure your piano, you put yourself at great risk, especially when it comes to a high-dollar instrument. Insurance cost is not that high and yet can save you lots of money.

To play safe, you should always keep these five piano shipping mistakes at bay. But if you are looking for a completely risk-free shipping method, you need expert help from piano movers. At Fine Art Shippers, we have been working with professional and amateur piano owners for many years and know the process inside out. We would be happy to help you pack and ship your pianoforte without much stress. Contact us today for details!