Your Ultimate Competency Checklist for a Fine Art Shipping Company

Your Ultimate Competency Checklist for a Fine Art Shipping Company

Choosing a fine art shipping company is not that simple, with many providers competing for customers. As soon as you google the local provider of art shipping services, you’re sure to see dozens of offers, and each entity claims to be the best. So, how can you evaluate the fine art shipper’s competencies and qualities to make sure you always deal with the best in the industry? Here are several essential parameters to consider.

Your Ultimate Competency Checklist for a Fine Art Shipping Company

We recommend focusing on the following criteria when choosing a fine art shipping provider to handle your precious belongings.

Service Coverage

The main parameter you should check on the fine art shipping company’s website or during a personal meeting is the scope of services it covers. It would be best to opt for a provider with a broad range of service options, as dealing with several fine art handlers at various stages of transportation may increase the risk of damage. The fewer hands your art objects change in transit, the better. So, a wise decision is to work with a company that can assume full responsibility for all shipping stages, from the onsite packaging of the artwork to its safe handling throughout the transportation route, with further installation at the destination point.


Honesty and openness are the best qualities in the business world, especially for art owners who entrust their valuable belongings to a third-party provider and require a great deal of certainty. That’s why you should work with art shipping providers who are open about their prices, packaging and shipping techniques, the art shuttle fleet they use in transportation, and other aspects of their operations that make a real difference to a customer. The company should also have a transparent and clear pricing policy, without hidden fees or unclear extras that accumulate after the contract is signed.

Customer-Oriented Business Mindset

It’s much simpler to work with a customer-oriented company that is ready to treat your art objects with individual care and attention to detail. Customer-centric companies answer all questions promptly and are ready to provide all the necessary information upon your request. They have a prompt, competent, and friendly customer support service and strive for ultimate user satisfaction. That’s why working with them is always pleasant and rewarding.

Turn to Fine Art Shippers to Get It All

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