Yoga with Konstantin Novikov – A Step Toward a Conscious Lifestyle

Konstantin Novikov

It is no secret that yoga is both a science and an art. Yoga merges these two pillars of human creativity and innovation in the same way it unites the body, spirit, and mind. Based on the practice of physical exercise, relaxation, breath control, meditation, positive thinking, and diet control, yoga gives people numerous health benefits and helps take a step toward a conscious lifestyle. In this blog post, we are delighted to tell you about one very special person who has found his calling exploring all possible directions in yoga and who is now striving to share his experience with others. Please meet Konstantin Novikov, an inspired yoga guru from Ukraine!

Yoga with Konstantin Novikov – A Step Toward a Conscious Lifestyle

Yoga with Konstantin Novikov – A Step Toward a Conscious LifestyleKonstantin Novikov is a yoga practitioner and teacher, for whom yoga is the path of the harmonious development of both the body and the personality, as well as an important step toward a conscious lifestyle. Ten years ago, Konstantin left his business for yoga and started his new life exploring the boundless possibilities of a man and a world. What once started as a hobby has grown into a true passion, bringing health, happiness, and the ability to enjoy every moment.

Konstantin Novikov focuses his practice on the exploration of different directions in yoga and adapting them for his students so that everyone can find their way. The elements of Kala Sarpa Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Qigong are all parts of Konstantin Novikov’s practice and training program leading to a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Konstantin Novikov offers online yoga classes that are suitable for both complete beginners and experienced practitioners looking to improve their personal practice. His program is designed to help people find the path to health, get rid of physical and emotional blocks and excess weight, and make their life force flow throughout the body easily.

Thanks to Konstantin Novikov’s unique approach and well-developed yoga program, students start feeling the results in both their bodies and minds in just 2-3 months of regular training. Impressive, right? So why not try it yourself?