World-Class Visual Art at the Royal West of England Academy

London is one of the most important art destinations in the world, with so many influential art galleries and museums featuring significant collections of British and international art. However, London is not the only city in the UK where you can enjoy world-class visual art. At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend visiting Bristol, a beautiful city in South West England. Bristol is now known worldwide thanks to Banksy whose works are on display throughout the city. However, there are many more places in Bristol that are worth a visit if you love high-quality art. One of them is the Royal West of England Academy.

World-Class Visual Art at the Royal West of England Academy

The Royal West of England Academy (RWA) is the oldest fine art gallery in Bristol, originated in the early 19th century when a group of influential and wealthy individuals founded the Bristol Academy for the Promotion of Fine Arts. Today, RWA is the only regional Royal Academy of Art in the United Kingdom, hosting five galleries and a diverse exhibition program celebrating the best of British art, both historical and contemporary.

The Royal West of England Academy is aimed at bringing world-class visual art to the South West. The gallery’s permanent collection features works by Anne Redpath, Derek Balmer, David Inshaw, Elizabeth Blackadder, and many other prominent artists, including those from the Bloomsbury, St Ives, and Newlyn Schools. Besides, in addition to its extensive program of exhibitions, RWA is widely known for is many art-related events, lectures, workshops, courses, and talks, making it a leading center not only for the exhibition but also for the exploration and practice of the visual arts.

The Royal West of England Academy is located right in the heart of the city, in a spectacular building constructed in 1857. It is open throughout the year, so take your time to visit this amazing place once you are in Bristol.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Enrique Íñiguez Rodríguez / CC BY-SA 4.0