Woodbury House – The Most Dynamic Art House in London

London is, without a doubt, one of the major art destinations in the world. It is also one of the most powerful forces in the international contemporary art market, which sets trends and proposes fresh ideas in the area of art. This becomes possible mainly thanks to the innovative auction houses and art galleries that offer a deep dive into the world of contemporary art. One of them is Woodbury House that can be rightfully called the most dynamic and successful art house in London.

Woodbury House – The Most Dynamic Art House in London

Woodbury House is a Soho-based private art house aimed at making high-quality art by both emerging and blue-chip artists more accessible to everyone. Since its foundation in 2014, Woodbury House has been acquiring, managing, and selling excellent collections of artwork, including secondary market works, with a focus on urban and contemporary art.

Unlike most traditional art galleries, Woodbury House works within a well-established data-driven ecosystem, operating at the intersection of creativity, culture, and commerce. What they offer is a unique mix of art exhibitions, events, cutting-edge retail division, publications, brand collaborations, and social commerce. Besides, this innovative art studio has a dedicated team of art advisory experts who provide guidance on art investment, helping seasoned collectors and art enthusiasts build meaningful collections of quality art.

Woodbury House features a truly amazing collection of contemporary art, including a significant number of works by the prominent Canadian artist Richard Hambleton. One of the recent exhibitions of Hambleton’s works (pictured) was presented by Woodbury House as part of the Startnet Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery in October 2020. The show featured 22 original works on paper from Richard Hambleton’s “Nightlife” series, along with Franc Palaia’s photographs showing Hambleton’s iconic Shadowman street art pieces.

Woodbury House – The Most Dynamic Art House in London

Woodbury House is indeed a dynamic art house that protects and promotes artistic expression in all its forms, bringing unique art experiences to the global audience. If you happen to be in London, be sure to visit this outstanding place to enjoy the best in contemporary art. However, keep in mind that Woodbury House is now open by appointment only.

Photo courtesy of Woodbury House