Why Is Getting a Professionally Made Artwork Crate Worth It?

Why Is Getting a Professionally Made Artwork Crate Worth It

Ensuring that artwork is packed or crated according to all established standards is one of the secrets behind seamless fine art transportation. Museums and galleries often have to move entire exhibitions from one location to another. To enhance the protection of all pieces in transit, they enlist professional art handling services. But why should you personally get an artwork crate made by experts? Let’s see if hiring a professional art crating service is worth it.

When Do You Need a Custom-Made Artwork Crate?

Crates are not always a necessity in fine art transportation. Some pieces can be transported safely using regular art packaging options. However, art crates can be extremely useful if the valuables you are shipping are highly fragile, massive, or expensive. Wooden art crates are well-acknowledged as the sturdiest art packing solution to ever exist, so they are the first choice for art institutions with collections worth millions of dollars.

Of course, some people can figure out how to make an artwork shipping crate by themselves. However, anything as complex as an art crate is prone to error when it is made by an amateur. When you order a professionally built wooden crate, you can rest assured that it is made according to industry standards. That means that your valuable artwork will be protected during shipping.

Crates used for shipping works of art have to be constructed exactly to the measurements of the items that will go inside them. Any mistakes during the measuring or assembling process can result in a disaster. For example, if the crate is too large, the objects will move around inside it and get damaged. A crate that is not properly stabilized can collapse during transportation and ruin the artwork. In addition, an art shipping crate is not a simple wooden box: it consists of several protective layers and has proper cushioning inside.

Where to Get an Art Shipping Crate?

The best way to be sure you are getting your money’s worth is to order a custom-made artwork crate from a professional art shipping company. At Fine Art Shippers, we have built countless crates for various kinds of artworks and shipped lots of valuable breakables across the country and the world. If you need help deciding if our crating service is for you, we encourage you to contact us for a personal consultation.