Who Are Fine Art Couriers, and What Do They Do?

Fine Art Shippers

So, you need to ship fine art. Whether it comes to oil paintings, porcelains, bronze figurines, or anything in between, the only right solution to ensure they are protected in transit is to hire professional fine art couriers. Why? To answer this question, let’s first find out who these people are and what they actually do.

In general, art couriers are experts in handling valuable, rare, and collectible items, who accompany this precious cargo in transit and supervise each stage of the transportation process – from the time of pick-up until the artworks are delivered to the destination address or put on exhibit in the specified location. It is also worth noting that many New York art moving companies, including Fine Art Shippers, provide a variety of art courier services to meet any needs and requirements. For example, when it comes to art exhibitions and international shows, fine art couriers often supervise the transportation of the client’s collection both there and back, usually using the same mode of transport as that chosen for the entrusted artworks (e.g. airplane, ship, or truck). This is done to ensure that every piece of the client’s collection is handled, loaded, repacked, unpacked, and installed with the utmost care and attention. Along with that, couriers can also make only one trip, for instance to deliver a recently acquired painting or any other artwork to its owner.

Art courier services

At Fine Art Shippers, we offer a full range of art courier services tailored to meet the many specific needs of our clients. These include:

  • white glove courier service and hand-to-hand delivery;
  • professional packing and crating with the use of only the best quality materials and supplies;
  • temporary art storage in major US cities and worldwide;
  • local and interstate fine art shuttles circulating every single week;
  • art installation and deinstallation;
  • art insurance assistance and consultation;
  • document processing and customs clearance.

Whether it comes to shipping a single artwork or a whole collection of valuables, our team makes every effort to ensure the transportation process is as smooth and seamless as possible. Thus, if you want your possessions to be delivered to their destination intact, the only right solution is to hire professional couriers specializing in handling art and antiques. For more art shipping info, please do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers at any time!