Where to Buy Art Online in 2024

Where to Buy Art Online in 2024

Looking for authentic art on the Internet is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You probably want to know how to find affordable art. So, where to start?

Where to Buy Original Art Online

From your own home, you can explore and buy works by both young talents and established artists, often while participating in online cultural events. However, the challenge is to find the best places that offer contemporary art. With the right approach, you can find pieces that will not only add to your art collection but also support artists.

Best places to buy art online

If you decide to buy art online, it’s worth choosing what kind of art you want to decorate your home with. For example, this can be:

  • modern art;
  • oversized art;
  • art on canvas;
  • African art;
  • contemporary art;
  • framed art;
  • wall art;
  • posters.

Here are some art sites where people buy art online, offering a wide range of styles, prices, and services.


Etsy is an online storefront for one-of-a-kind, handmade, and vintage goods, which includes art. If you’re looking to get something custom, many artists do commissions for a personalized piece of work, traditionally letting you get custom art.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is probably the biggest online gallery of original paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography. The platform also features a specialized advisory service that can assist in finding art within your taste and budget.


Artfinder gets you closer to independent artists from across the globe. Here, you can find the description of every piece, the biography of the artist, and the story behind the artwork’s creation, so your purchase seems more personal.


Artsy partners with top galleries and auction houses to give the finest variety in art. Also, they organize online cultural activities that make the experience of buying art so immersive. This, therefore, makes Artsy very nice for purchasing fine art and engaging with the art community.


UGallery presents handpicked, vetted selections of original art by up-and-coming and mid-career artists. There is a 7-day free trial with UGallery, free shipping, and returns, so there’s really no risk in purchasing art online.


Minted platform features limited edition art and designs, making each purchase special. Minted allows you to customize frames and sizes, providing flexibility to fit your decor. The community-driven approach ensures that you are supporting artists directly, with many pieces being exclusive to Minted.

Buying art directly from artists

By communicating with the artist without intermediaries, you can often talk to them, learn about their inspirations, and find out the true sale price without a markup.

Importance of Certificates of Authenticity

When buying art from local artists online, it is very important to get a certificate of authenticity. This document is like a passport for art. It usually contains:

  • the name of the artist;
  • the title of the work;
  • the material used;
  • the date of creation.

Having a certificate of authenticity will allow you to sell the artwork correctly in the future, without violating copyright.

Where to Buy Art Online in 2024

How to Buy Art Online

By following these tips, you can buy art safely.

Step 1. Consider specialized websites and choose the best one for you.

Step 2. Make sure that the payment methods are secure and, most importantly, that there is a refund policy.

Step 3. Find out about the details of delivery, its cost, delivery time, and packaging methods. You can use our services for this purpose.

Make Your Own Art Gallery

By purchasing art from online stores, you support the development of creativity and young artists. You have the opportunity to get a unique home decor that will perfectly fit your home because by collaborating with the artist, you create the rules. Take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy creating a collection that reflects your personal style.