What Makes Art Canvas Storage in New York Distinct from Home Storage?

What Makes Art Canvas Storage in New York Distinct from Home Storage

The issue of storing art properly is always causing confusion and worries in art collectors, especially novices. Some prefer to save time and costs by arranging storage at home. Yet, there is so much to take into account that you may be unprepared to organize all those conditions on your own. Besides, using a specialized storage facility removes the need to install expensive climate control and surveillance systems on your premises. Thus, it’s always a good idea to consider art canvas storage in New York instead of going the extra mile to organize your storage room in line with all professional standards.

Here is a quick guide to the main benefits you receive by opting for a ready-made storage solution instead of setting up storage in your home.

Why Should You Use Professional Art Canvas Storage in New York?

When we talk about professionally equipped art storage, the first thing you should think about is climate control. Works of art are typically delicate in terms of materials they’re made of. Thus, even slight fluctuations from optimal temperature and humidity can cause their degradation.

Another important aspect is security. Artwork is expensive, with some items reaching millions of dollars in value. That’s why it’s so important to provide comprehensive security measures and 24/7 surveillance in art storage facilities, preventing thieves and criminals from unauthorized access.

Third, you should always take care of professional art handling. Properly trained staff with a thorough understanding of art handling techniques and safety precautions will minimize the risks of damage or scratches during artwork packaging and unpacking, loading and unloading from storage shelves, and art moving at arrival and departure from the storage facility.

Finally, it’s necessary to check the documentation and insurance arrangements at a storage facility. You should be fully confident in the comprehensive coverage of your artwork during its stay in storage, from natural disasters to human error or theft.

Our Well-Equipped Storage in Upper Manhattan Is Ready to Host Your Art

If you’re looking for art canvas storage in New York that complies with all the standards we’ve mentioned above, our storage facility in Upper Manhattan is ready to welcome your art belongings. We have done everything necessary to secure all art objects held in our museum-grade storage, so we’re ready to provide you with the full spectrum of safety and intactness guarantees you expect. Contact us today for more information about security systems, surveillance measures, and climate control settings Fine Art Shippers has organized for end-to-end storage quality.