What Makes a Good Painting Storage in New York? Top 4 Excellence Criteria

What Makes a Good Painting Storage in New York

Residing in NYC exposes you to a great number of options when it comes to selecting a storage facility for your fine art collection. But how can you spot the best painting storage in New York instead of relying on sweet promises and unbacked guarantees? Here are a few excellence criteria that distinguish a high-quality storage space and give you peace of mind about your belongings’ intactness.

Stable Environment

The stability of temperature and humidity are of central importance in the storage of fine art. That’s why you should check the climate control system in the storage you’re considering; it should be able to support a stable temperature of 18-240C to minimize the deterioration of canvases. Humidity is also critical; its level shouldn’t deviate too much from the 50% mark.

Comprehensive Security

Security is key in fine art storage, and your chosen facility should have 24/7 surveillance and alarm systems for the sake of preventing unauthorized access or theft. The storage should also have a comprehensive fire protection system and smart sensors that may warn the staff about flood or fire risks.

Storage Space Organization

Top-tier storage should have properly organized storage systems in place, with efficient and safe racking and shelving arrangements. Since paintings can be stored only vertically, with sufficient space dividing the items, such a storage system may help avoid stacking and guarantee the integrity of all stored fine art.


Ease of access to the painting storage in New York is one of the key parameters for art collectors. The facility should be easily accessible for all kinds of transportation and should be close to airports and seaports for the sake of simple and cheap logistics. That’s why you need to check the accessibility criterion and also find out whether the storage offers specialized handling services, with safe and professional moving equipment available on demand.

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