What Is the Best Way to Ship a Painting in 2023?

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Painting

Are you an artist faced with the need to pack and ship your paintings to clients? Do you work at a museum or gallery and have to pack artworks for exhibitions? Are you a collector who wants to know how to properly store and safely transport works from your collection? Then, you’ve probably wondered at least once what the best way to ship a painting is. 

The Best Way to Ship a Painting: Tips from Fine Art Shippers

Without a doubt, the best way to ship a painting is to hire a trustworthy fine art shipping company and let the experts handle all the processes involved in packing, moving, and installing a painting in a new location. But what if you want to do it all without the help of professionals? Then, we have some tips for you.

There are basically two shipping methods that you can use without turning to professional art handlers. The first is to ship a painting in a cardboard tube. It’s probably the most popular way to transport unstretched canvases, drawings, and fine art prints. Perhaps, this is because it is the most cost-effective way of shipping, as rolled canvases take up much less space in the cargo and weigh little.

The second way to transport a painting is to use a cardboard shipping box. This method is good for small and mid-sized stretched or framed paintings, but it requires more specialized knowledge. In short, it is necessary to use several layers of packaging, namely, art plastic or glassine paper, bubble wrap, foam, and the cardboard box itself. In addition, the artwork must be well secured inside the cargo and well separated from other items.

However, for some delicate paintings or canvases in poor condition, shipping tubes and cardboard boxes are not sufficient. For such cases, professionals recommend using art shipping crates, as only custom-made wooden crates can protect fragile artworks from damage in transit.

If you are still wondering what the best way to ship a painting is, contact Fine Art Shippers for expert help. We will be glad to assist you in packing and shipping your paintings and other valuable items.