Art Crating: A Personalized Approach to Your Artwork’s Safety

Art Crating

The beauty of art is that not a single piece is the same. As professional fine art movers, we understand how important it is to find an individualized approach to each work of art, be it a canvas painting, a print, or a sculpture. Over the years of our company’s existence, we have successfully handled jobs of various complexity, including items that are unusually heavy, fragile, and old. Our art handlers use various tools to achieve amazing results, but an art shipping crate is among the most valuable ones. Art crating services are irreplaceable when handling artworks that require special care.

Art Crating: A Personalized Approach to Your Artwork’s Safety

Art comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. A packing solution that fits one piece might not work for another. Choosing the wrong kind of packaging can have catastrophic consequences. To prevent them, not only do art handlers need to have impeccable art packing skills, but they also should be able to choose the right packaging for the specific artwork.

So, why exactly is art crating so invaluable for providing the best protection to the piece of art? The reason is simple: unlike cardboard boxes, which are also often used for packing art, wooden crates are always custom-made. Building art shipping crates from scratch allows art handlers to ensure they fit precisely the requirements of the transported items.

The term “art crate” generally refers to a sealed box made from wooden panels. However, there are different kinds of crates one can opt for in different situations. For example, a painting by a world-famous painter may require a so-called museum crate, which is a more advanced version of a standard one. Museum crates normally consist of several layers and have a more complex closure system.

After measuring a work of art, art handlers build an art shipping crate on-site or in an appropriately equipped warehouse. They take into account the weight and size of the piece, as well as all special requirements.

An item does not have to be museum-worthy to need an art crate. Art crating services are also necessary when dealing with massive items requiring extra support, fragile pieces, and for international shipping. If your situation meets any of these criteria, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers and order a custom-made crate.