What Is the Best Way to Send Fragile Items in 2023?

What Is the Best Way to Send Fragile Items in 2023

Choosing a specialized moving company, hiring an art courier, or using regular carriers like UPS or FedEx are all options for shipping items. Of course, they all have their pros and cons. For example, in one of our blog posts, we discussed in detail how safe it is to ship art with companies like UPS. In this article, we share our opinion on the best way to send fragile items and explain why we think so.

What Is the Best Way to Send Fragile Items?

It is unlikely that we will surprise our readers by saying that the best way to send fragile items such as artworks or antiques is with the help of a professional art logistics company. There are several reasons for that.

They provide art packing services

The safety of the transported item largely depends on the packaging. Not only must the materials be of high quality and suitable for the item itself, but the employees who will be involved in packing must have certain skills and knowledge. Is it safe to put several fragile objects in one box, how to arrange paintings in frames with glass, is it permissible to roll canvases in a tube? Only professional art handlers know the exact answers to all these questions.

They can build a custom shipping crate

If you need to ship fragile items over long distances, especially by air or sea, then you cannot do without ordering a custom wooden crate. Similarly, fragile objects, especially those with unusual shapes, must be transported in a wooden crate – even over short distances. Such a service is sometimes also provided by regular moving companies, but they do not usually take into account the age, condition, and other characteristics of the object when fabricating a crate. On the contrary, companies specializing in fine art will take care of the artwork by building a custom crate designed specifically for it, considering all the details that are usually unforeseen by regular carriers.

Based on all of the above, the best way to send fragile items is to contact a fine art shipping company. If you choose to entrust your precious works of art or antiques to Fine Art Shippers, we will be especially pleased.