What Is the Best Banksy Mural in New York?

Known for their distinctive satirical style, Banksy murals appear all over the world, raising a number of political, ethical, and social issues. The elusive British graffiti artist never misses an opportunity to make a statement, and 2018 is no exception. In our previous blog posts, we wrote about some of the latest Banksy murals created on the abandoned buildings in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood, NYC. One of them was almost immediately painted over with white paint by the building’s owner; however, the other Banksy mural depicting a seal with a ball is still there. Moreover, our team of experts specializing in handling and shipping fine art will be engaged in extracting this Banksy wall in Brooklyn for its further preservation.

As for other notable works created by Banksy in NYC this spring, they include a mural depicting a rat running around a clock at 14th Street and 6th Avenue and a large-scale work in Manhattan, dedicated to a Kurdish journalist and painter Zehra Dogan. The latter Banksy mural represents a political protest for the release of the artist who was imprisoned for more than two years for painting Turkish ruins.

It is needless to say that there are many other Banksy murals in New York, and each of them is intriguing in its own way. For example, one of the most famous works was created in Coney Island. Depicting a whimsical robot tagging a barcode, this iconic Banksy mural was part of the artist’s month-long “Better Out Than In” residency in NYC during October 2013.

The work titled “Graffiti Is a Crime” is another great Banksy mural created in 2013. Unfortunately, this stencil incorporating an anti-graffiti sign was painted over by city officials for obvious reasons. It was located on Allen Street.

It is impossible not to mention one more important Banksy mural in New York. We are now talking about “Twin Towers,” a small stencil painting on Staple Street in Tribeca. Depicting a silhouette of the Twin Towers, it appeared with an orange chrysanthemum to represent the explosion, thus becoming one of the most controversial NYC street art installations by the anonymous English artist.

Each Banksy mural is unique and relevant, so it is really hard to decide which of them is the best. For this reason, we are especially excited about the opportunity to apply our fine art moving expertise and knowledge to the upcoming Banksy wall removal. We will write about this one-of-a-kind experience in our future posts!