Waddington Custot Gallery in London, UK

It is always a pleasure to meet talented and creative people working in the sphere of art. This is especially true if your family business is related to art packaging and shipping. At Fine Art Shippers, we have been moving antiques and artworks for more than two decades, and over this time, we have met many interesting people who are as passionate about art as we are. However, this does not stop our dedicated team of art packaging and shipping specialists from visiting new places and getting acquainted with new art. For example, last month, we were happy to visit Art Basel and a whole range of amazing galleries participating in this important event, including Waddington Custot Gallery from London.

Waddington Custot Gallery

Waddington Custot Gallery was founded in London in 2011 by two reputable art dealers, Leslie Waddington and Stephane Custot. Largely focused on post-war art, it offers an impressive selection of works by such artists as Josef Albers, Ben Nicholson, Joseph Beuys, and Hans Hartung. Besides, Waddington Custot Gallery is also known for its outstanding exhibitions and shows featuring works by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet, and Robert Rauschenberg, not to mention that this gallery represents many contemporary British artists, including Ian Davenport and Peter Blake.

Waddington Custot Gallery is indeed an amazing place to look for modern and contemporary art, and our team of the art packaging and shipping specialists really enjoyed visiting its beautiful booth at Art Basel this year.