Vital Questions to Ask and Answer Before Insuring Your Fine Art

As sad as it may sound, loss and misfortune happen to all people and their properties. As an artist, you should expect the best for your fine art collections but also prepare for the worst that could happen. Your artwork can get damaged in your hands or those of your trusted craters and freighter. For instance, a fire guts down their offices. With all these sad possibilities facing your artworks, you should prepare yourself to mitigate the effects of such eventualities by insuring your artwares. But before taking a step to get insurance cover, it is necessary to ask and answer yourself a few critical questions.

What Risks Does the Cover Protect My Art From? 

Before insuring your artwork, it is needful to brainstorm carefully on all the possible risks that could befall your precious art pieces. For instance, your artworks can get damaged at the exhibition stall, they could get spoiled in transit, they could spoil during storage, or they could as well get damaged at the premises of craters and freighters before shipping. Whichever way, your answering of this question puts you in an advantageous position to analyze and discuss your insurance needs with your potential insurer.

Which Items Does the Insurance Package Cover?

Before signing the dotted line to insure your artwork, consider the scope of the cover because artworks are diverse, and different insurers cover varied forms of artwork. For instance, some cover sculptures, paintings, highvalue prints, and original photography.

What Exceptions Are There in the Cover?

Another question to ask and answer yourself before insuring your art pieces is the exceptions in the insurance cover you want to take. This way, you will rest knowing the kind of compensation you should expect and what you shouldn’t if calamity strikes your artware.

What About Working With a Specialized Fine Art Insurer?

If you are dealing with a specialized line of art, you could opt for a specialist insurer in that area. This option will offer you the best cover for your niche and give you peace of mind when leaving your pieces in the hands of craters and freighters for packaging and shipping.

Now you know the right questions you need to ask and answer yourself before insuring your artwork. We hope they will guide you in making a sound insuring decision for your art pieces.