Visit Pinta Miami 2023 for an Incredible Latin American Art Experience

Visit Pinta Miami 2023 for an Incredible Latin American Art Experience

As Miami Art Week is in full swing, its visitors are spoilt for choice in terms of art exhibitions, fairs, and shows of unique style and significance. One such event we wholeheartedly recommend visiting is Pinta Miami, a unique gathering of 50+ galleries offering art of multiple types for display. This art fair has a unique vibe and is located in an iconic cultural anchor of Miami – The Hangar in Coconut Grove. Here is a sneak peek into the highlights and must-see exhibits of Pinta Miami 2023 that you’re sure to love.

What’s Worth Seeing at Pinta Miami 2023?

Pinta Miami is a unique fair specializing in the display of Latin American art. It is a place where artists, gallerists, curators, and art enthusiasts meet to discuss and explore the modern heartbeat of Latin American creativity. This year, the art fair is curated by Irene Gelfman and consists of three divisions: the Main Section, RADAR, and Next.

The Main Section of Pinta Miami 2023 features artworks presented by ARTESPACIO (Chile), Alex Slato (USA), Apart Paris (France), Artizar (Spain), El Museo (Colombia), and many other galleries. The theme of Ibero-American culture unifies this section’s exhibits. The RADAR section hosts a small number of selected creative pieces brought to the fair by Durban Segnini Gallery (USA), Galeria de Arte a Ciegas (Spain), Galeria Trinta (Spain), KUBIKGALLERY (Portugal), and ROSAS.A.C (Argentina). The Next section is a future-focused unit of Pinta Miami, featuring emerging galleries’ collections; it is also full of exciting art objects created by artists from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and the USA.

Pinta Miami 2023 will be open for the audience through December 10, so you still have time to touch the vibes of Latin American artists’ unique vision and esthetics in this historical and cultural spot of Miami.

Planning to Shop at Pinta Miami?

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