Vertical Panoramic Photographs by Richard Silver

What is fine art photography? Aimed at expressing a certain emotion, message, or idea, fine art photography is a very special kind of photography created according to the vision of the artist as a photographer. Such photographs are truly unique and distinctive, and they occupy a worthy place in contemporary art.

If you do some search on Google, you will find many interesting examples of fine art photography, but, at Fine Art Shippers, we would like to draw your attention to the work of the amazing American photographer Richard Silver. His outstanding vertical panoramic photographs of churches are sure to catch your imagination!

Richard Silver

Richard Silver is a New York-born photographer who spends most of his time traveling around the globe and shooting different cities and cultures. His incredible works have been exhibited in many prominent galleries and museums throughout the United States, including at Krause Gallery, LaGrange Art Museum, The Skyscraper Museum, and even the world-known Metropolitan Museum of Art. As you might have already guessed, Richard Silver specializes in travel and landscape photography, but he also loves to use Time Slice and Tilt Shift techniques that allow the artist to present the surrounding world in a different visual context. Besides, he has an absolutely stunning series of vertical panoramic photographs of churches, each composed of up to 10 shots to form a cohesive vertical panorama.

In Silver’s works, you can see the Piarist Church of the Transfiguration in Krakow (Poland), the Augustinian Church in Vienna (Austria), St. Joseph’s Church or Wangfujing Church in Beijing (China), St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan, NYC (USA), and many more. Each of them is a perfect example of contemporary fine art photography and certainly Richard Silver’s mastery. You can find many fantastic works by this talented photographer on his official website.