Unveiling the Intricacies of Fine Art Delivery Services

Unveiling the Intricacies of Fine Art Delivery Services

Fine art delivery services entail much more than simply picking up a work of art and shipping it to another location. The world of professional art shipping includes many more procedures that cumulatively make up the end-to-end fine art handling process. Here are the main intricacies a layperson may not know about.

Unveiling the Intricacies of Fine Art Delivery Services

Your art objects need to be properly secured throughout the entire process of fine art delivery. Here’s what professional art shipping companies like Fine Art Shippers do to guarantee your peace of mind.

Specialized Packaging Solutions

Every object of art is unique, and the shipper’s task is to ensure its comprehensive protection from scratches and damage with custom packaging. From soft packing to customized wooden crates, the art handlers you hire will determine the best suitable packaging option that meets your artwork’s transportation needs with safety in mind.

Climate-Controlled Vehicles

Fine art is highly susceptible to changes in environmental conditions. This way, an abrupt rise or decrease in temperature and humidity can cause the artwork to deteriorate. Paintings can develop cracks on their surfaces, and the condition of other art objects may degrade much quicker than it should. Additionally, exposure to sunlight is highly damaging for artwork, as UV light ruins the pigment and causes colors to fade. That’s why fine art delivery services are always executed in temperature- or climate-controlled, sunlight-proof vehicles for your property’s protection.

Ultimate Security

As artworks often possess high financial value, they may become the target of thieves and criminals. Artwork shippers thus take proper security measures to protect the objects throughout the whole transportation process. These measures include GPS tracking of vehicles, sealed art shuttles, proper art handler training, and arrangement of secure storage facilities.

White-Glove Handling

When art handlers deal with artworks of exceptional value and fragility, they need to treat these objects with special care and delicacy. In these cases, you may need to employ white-glove moving service from highly trained experts knowledgeable about the intricacies and safety precautions of handling specific art items.


A fine art shipper should take photos of the artwork’s original condition and document its packaging for further reference by insurance companies and the recipient of your shipment. These photos are part of the artwork’s accompanying documentation, which also includes proof of value and insurance policy files.

Auxiliary Services

Clients may also get additional services from the shipping company, such as on-site packaging and crating, insurance consulting, deinstallation, and installation of the shipped object. We at Fine Art Shippers also render storage services to clients seeking a temporary home for their artworks.