Unique & Passionate Contemporary Art at Burnette Gallery

Being a professional art shipping and crating company, Fine Art Shippers works with many galleries in the New York metropolitan area. We pack and crate art, set up gallery exhibitions, mount sculptures, organize shipments, and provide them with a variety of other art logistics services on a daily basis. This job allows our team of art shipping and crating specialists to combine the worlds of business and art, which have always had a close relationship. Besides, at Fine Art Shippers, we never miss a chance to get acquainted with new art galleries and their beautiful selections of fine art for any taste. For example, have you already heard of Burnette Gallery located in Woodstock, NY? If not, this blog post is right for you!

Burnette Gallery

Burnette Gallery is a new gallery founded in the heart of Woodstock by the famous Nashville songwriter and musician Tai Burnette. Focused on truly unique and passionate contemporary art, Burnette Gallery offers an outstanding selection of artworks in diverse media – from video art installations to fiber and sculpture. For example, its current exhibition “Fire in the Belly” features one-of-a-kind art pieces by 26 talented female artists, including works by Orly Cogan, Portia Munson, and Julia Santos Solomon. Besides, along with the opening of the art gallery, Tai Burnette has also started the nonprofit Emerging Artist Foundation aimed at supporting artists who cannot afford supplies.

Our team of art shipping and crating experts would be happy to work with Burnette Gallery and its creative owner! This new gallery is definitely a must-visit destination in Woodstock, NY!