Top 5 Mistakes Made by Novice Art Collectors

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Art collecting is undoubtedly one of the most interesting tools for expanding the horizons of culture. However, building a really good art collection is not that easy. You need time and patience for this. After all, no one is immune from falling into error, no matter how good they think they are or how much they know about the current fine art market. This is especially true for novice art collectors. Well, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. Along with that, it does not mean that you cannot avoid at least the most common of them. Whether you want to start collecting oil paintings, large sculptures, or modern wall art, make use of the following mistakes made by many novice art collectors!

1. Fake pieces of fine art

Unfortunately, the fine art forgery business is booming today. It is no wonder that many novice art collectors become a target for unscrupulous dealers and experts. If you want to avoid this, never buy art in a hurry! Check and double-check the quality and provenance of each piece, especially Old Master paintings.

2. Distrust of intuition

Intuition is indeed an integral part of art collecting. Moreover, a well-developed intuition can help you buy works of museum quality at rather low prices. Therefore, if you clearly understand that a particular artwork is what you really like and want, then you should buy it. However, knowing when to stop is also a very important skill for all art collectors.

3. Excessive confidence in expert opinion

Excessive confidence in the opinion of fine art experts, curators, and other specialists is a mistake made by many novice art collectors. You can certainly listen to the advice of art business professionals, but the final decision about the purchase of the artwork should be your own. Don’t forget that other people can simply pursue their own interests.

4. Ill-conceived strategy

Collecting works with high commercial value only is a disastrous strategy. You should not treat art just as an investment. It is one of the biggest mistakes made by novice art collectors. Such collections do not work. After all, art collecting is not a sport and requires a thoughtful attitude and enthusiasm. Another bad strategy is to completely ignore specific time and stylistic frames. It is always better to find out what period and style impress you most before to actually start collecting art pieces.

5. Secret art collection

Whether you are collecting Old Master paintings, abstract art pieces, or large sculptures, do not keep your possessions secret. Any art collection should be shown with pride. Moreover, you should do it as often as possible. This can increase its value and approve your status as a successful art collector.

If you want to build a really good art collection, you should have a well-thought-out strategy, be very careful in your purchase decisions, and listen to your heart. Consider other people’s opinions but always follow your own intuition. Only in such a case, you can avoid most of the mistakes made by novice art collectors.