Top 3 Signs You Need an International Art Courier Service

Top 3 Signs You Need an International Art Courier Service

International transportation of artwork may cause you headaches if you don’t know how to arrange things safely and professionally. The risk of damaging or losing your precious property is too high, as cross-border transportation comes with many risks and uncertainties. That’s why you may consider an international art courier service, which is more personalized and careful compared to regular shipping services. Here is a breakdown of cases in which you definitely need this service type.

Exceptional Value

All works of art are culturally and financially valuable. Yet, there is still certain gradation in this area, and some artworks stand tall in terms of exceptional, unique cultural, historical, or financial value and significance. Thus, it’s not surprising that an art owner will do everything to secure their possessions and preserve this unique cultural object’s integrity for future generations. In this case, an international art courier service is unavoidable, as only this shipping approach can guarantee the ultimate care this object requires.


An international art courier may also be a must if you are shipping an exceptionally fragile work of art. It may be a very old painting, a marble sculpture, or anything else demanding exceptional care at all stages of transportation.

Irregular Form, Weight, or Composition Materials

Art crating is a great way to secure the intactness of irregularly shaped, three-dimensional artworks during cross-border transportation. Still, most shipments have to go through multiple processes of loading and unloading to shipping vehicles, checks at customs, and potential inspections until they reach their destinations. Therefore, an art courier trained in the safe handling of such art objects can oversee the process of your item’s handling and management throughout the entire transit.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Best International Art Courier Provider

Whenever you need to ship your precious belongings overseas, you should go the extra mile to evaluate the reputation and credentials of shipping companies. Your artwork must be handled by a skilled and knowledgeable art courier who can determine safe principles for every situation in transit. Fine Art Shippers can provide this service with full respect to your object’s type, cost, and travel route. You won’t need to worry about your property’s intactness, as it will be in the safe hands of our expert team.