Tips on Moving Furniture in NYC

Shipping furniture is not an easy task. Even simple, middle-size furniture items are at times hard to relocate without damage. So, what’s the good of talking about the risks and hassle connected with shipping furniture of large sizes or heavy but fragile items? Is mission impossible? Not exactly, if you turn to a professional furniture shipping company like Fine Art Shippers. Our experts share the basics of handling large furniture here.

Take All Precautions

Moving furniture in NYC is as hard as in any other corner of the world. So, we recommend planning everything in advance and taking all possible precautions to protect your property. First, you need to protect doorways and remove molding from them in case of need. This may help preserve the original look of your apartment without scratching the doorways or cracking the molding on the way of your furniture’s movement.

Protect Yourself

Advice for those moving furniture in NYC on their own: protect your bodies with some personal equipment to avoid bruising and scratching. These small traumas may go unnoticed in the heat of transportation, but later on, you’ll be unpleased to see the physical outcomes of your transportation. Other tips to ease the process – renting a dolly may help you drag even the heaviest furniture items into the truck without extra assistance. Other options include furniture sliders and lifting straps and harnesses.

Hire Professional Assistants

Getting help of experts is always handy when you are moving furniture in NYC. Keep in mind that furniture is heavy, and even two healthy men can hardly deal with all items on their own. Thus, it’s always reasonable to think of hiring a local transportation vendor able to handle all your furniture with care and, what is more important, without extra trouble on your part.

Instead of a conclusion: please don’t try to complete moving furniture in NYC by yourself, especially if it is fine antique furniture. The risk of getting a trauma or damaging the furniture items is too high, while the insurer will hardly cover the cracks or scratches on your valuable rarities resulting from non-professional, layman handling. Entrust the task to an expert white glove furniture delivery company like Fine Art Shippers; get a free quote for the service today to find out how affordable our services are.