Three Tips from US Art Shippers That You Can Use for Your Move

Three Tips from US Art Shippers That You Can Use for Your Move

Let’s face it — everyone hates moving. Of course, living in a new place, meeting new people, and experiencing exciting things are worth the hassle. But no one can disagree that packing and moving your possessions is one of the most painful ordeals ever. What if you forget something? Or what if your fragile belongings break during transportation? Plus, the process gets even more meticulous if you own easily breakable collectibles. The best way to free yourself from the anxiety of moving is to talk to someone who is an expert. Today, we offer you these tips from professional US art shippers that you can use to make your moving experience a bit less headache-inducing.

Three Tips from US Art Shippers That You Can Use for Your Move

Try different types of packaging

If you have a collection of art and antiques, you might be stressed about them potentially breaking during transportation. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to get packaging that suits your items. Cardboard boxes are not the only option available. US art shippers use a wide range of packaging varieties, for example, wooden art crates or shadowboxes.

Test art packing supplies before using them

This might seem obvious, but many omit this important step. Imagine putting your antique porcelain figurine in a cardboard box, but, suddenly, the bottom of the box just drops together with your precious collectible. The consequences of something like this can be grave but can be avoided by thoroughly checking your packaging supplies before using them.

Use two boxes instead of one

Using two cardboard boxes for shipping instead of one is the easiest way to double up the safety of your valuables. Simply pack a box as you normally would and then put it inside of a different box that is slightly bigger. Fill in the space between the two boxes’ walls with more cushioning material, and you are done!

These tips are sure to make your moving experience easier. After all, there is a reason why US art shippers use them. However, if these simple tricks are not cutting it, you should probably enlist the services of fine art specialists. Saving money by handling everything yourself might seem like a good idea, but is risking the security of your prized possessions really worth it?