Three Things You Can Do with an Artwork Crate You No Longer Need

Three Things You Can Do with an Artwork Crate You No Longer Need

Do you love reusing things you do not need anymore? Giving new life to old objects is very eco-friendly and sustainable, but it is not always practical. You probably already know that certain items can only be used once or twice before they have to be thrown away. For example, you can’t reuse a cardboard shipping box many times because it will most likely start to deteriorate very quickly. But what if you have an artwork crate you got left from your last move?

Art shipping crates are often used to transport heavy, fragile, and valuable items. If you have an artwork crate in your home, you might be wondering what to do with it. Here is how you can get the most out of your art shipping crate.


Three Things You Can Do with an Artwork Crate You No Longer Need

Reuse for Shipping

Are you sure you do not need your artwork crate anymore? The thing is, after you have used your crate for shipping once, it might still be suitable for shipping in the future. Just make sure that you only use it to transport the same item you have shipped in it before. Crates are usually custom-made to fit specific items, so we do not recommend reusing them to transport other works of art. If you need to move again soon, save the crate for the time to avoid spending money on a new one.

Use for Storage

Since art shipping crates are designed to withstand harsh conditions, they are also great for storage. You can either keep your item in the artwork crate if you are not ready to unpack it yet or use the empty wooden shell to store something else.

Give it to your fine art handlers

The same art handlers that built your crate and delivered it to you can uncrate your valuable item and take the empty crate with them. Most art logistics companies have facilities where they take wooden crates apart and utilize them properly. That way, you will not have to figure out how to dispose of the artwork crate yourself.

Artwork crates are by far the most sustainable artwork packaging options that exist. Apart from being reusable and recyclable, they also provide the best security and safety for your items. If you are interested in ordering a custom-made crate, consider giving Fine Art Shippers a chance.