Three Monet Paintings for the Price of Two

The story began last year when Jonathan Green, a famous art collector, art dealer, and director of the Richard Green Gallery in London, bought two magnificent paintings by Claude Monet at auction in Paris. Some time later, he invited the leading paper conservator Jane McCausland to remove the tape. What a surprise! To everyone’s admiration, another Monet masterpiece was hidden behind one of the works. Thus, Jonathan Green unknowingly bought three amazing Claude Monet pastels for the price of two!

The news about this sensational finding quickly spread around the world. But that’s not all! Another interesting fact is that these paintings have impeccable provenance – they come directly from Claude Monet! The incredibly rear pastels were the artist’s wedding present to the granddaughter of his art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, who married in 1924. All this time, the paintings remained in the family, and only a year ago appeared on the open market.

Two “officially” recorded paintings and the hidden one have been recently introduced to the public at the art fair Masterpiece 2015, which was opened on June 25 in London. All three Monet pastels are expected to be sold for £1.4 million. You have a chance to see these masterpieces, as well as many other valuable works brought together by over 150 international galleries and museums, at Masterpiece 2015 that runs through July 1.