Things You Should Do Before Shipping Framed Art

Things You Should Do Before Shipping Framed Art

Even though unframed art has recently become a new trend among art buyers, many people still prefer framed art. A painting frame is a protective and decorative edging for a work of art. It does make displaying it much easier and safer. At the same time, every art owner should not rely on frames when it comes to shipping framed art. During transportation, frames also need protection, so you should be attentive and provide maximum safety to your belongings. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for shipping.

Things You Should Do Before Shipping Framed Art

Decide on the method

There are basically two principal ways to ship framed artworks. If your piece has a glass, you can remove the glass and ship it separately from a framed painting. Such a method is considered more expensive and time-consuming. A more common way is to ship a picture without removing a glass. Following this method, you will need to ensure the safety of an entire item. Choose what suits you best.

Prepare the equipment

Before you start wrapping an artwork and protecting its corners, you have to find the necessary supplies and materials. In all fairness, you don’t need to buy super expensive art packing products. You may even use alternative packing options, but be very cautious and better opt for quality materials. As they say, buy nice or buy twice.

Follow safe packing guidelines

If you decide to pack paintings by yourself, you will need some guidelines on how to do it accurately. Remember that a proper package is half the success of shipping framed art. Make sure you know what you do. Otherwise, consider art packing services instead.

After all the preparations, you should gather all your energy and finally send your framed artwork wherever you want. As for the delivery, ensure it to art moving companies. Good luck!