The Unique Concept of MAISON 10

New York is full of talented and creative people whose innovative ideas change the world we are living in. This applies to all industries, from space suit fashion to art and entertainment to retail. In this blog post, we want to tell you about MAISON 10, a very interesting online and retail store with a unique concept where you can buy contemporary art, fashionable bags, accessories, and more.


MAISON 10 was founded by three creatives: Henri Myers and Tom Blackie from New York and Carsten Klein from Amsterdam. What makes this store unique is its amazing concept. The fact is that MAISON 10 features 10 different categories, each with 10 highly desirable items that are available for sale for a period of 10 weeks. After this period, the products are changed, and new items are introduced. The categories include Jewelry, Bags, Fragrances, Candles, Books, Well-Being, Homewares, Gifts, Men’s Accessories, and the tenth category that changes every 10 weeks (e.g., Woman, Celebration, Fashion, New York City, etc.).

The retail MAISON 10 store, which is located in NoMad, at 260 Fifth Avenue, also offers a special category dedicated to contemporary art. Just like any other category, it features 10 artworks by one artist for a period of 10 weeks. For example, MAISON 10 has already shown works by such talented artists as Chelsea Hrynick Browne, Paul Morris, and Timothy Atticus.

At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit MAISON 10, no matter whether you are looking to buy contemporary art, candles, or anything else. Very interesting store with a unique concept!