The Qualities Any Reputable Fine Art Storage Service Must Have

The Qualities Any Reputable Fine Art Storage Service Must Have

Finding a fine art storage facility that meets the needs of your collection is almost as complicated as finding a home for yourself. You must always consider the location of the storage space, its size, security, climate-control system, and the kind of artwork it can accommodate. However, a trustworthy art storage company is much more than the storage space it provides. Today, we will look at three essential qualities any reputable fine art storage service provider must have.


The Qualities Any Reputable Fine Art Storage Service Must Have


What does honesty mean in terms of an art storage business? Any company providing an art-related service should be aware of its limitations and be open about them with its clients. When a service provider makes empty promises and takes on projects that far exceed its competencies, issues are bound to arise. The art logistics industry is quite competitive, which pushes certain companies to exaggerate their strengths and omit their weaknesses. Make sure to do research and ask for recommendations before you settle on a fine art storage facility.


How long the fine art logistics service has been on the market can be an indicator of whether you should trust it with your valuables. A company with significant experience in the industry has likely worked with some reputable clients and handled complex projects. That is not to say that emerging service providers should never be trusted, but it is better to opt for the safest option when it comes to high-value works of art.


In case something that can compromise the safety of your valuables happens in the facility, a trustworthy fine art storage service should be able to respond to the challenge quickly and efficiently. A fine art storage facility must have fire response systems, central station-monitored smoke detectors, and burglar alarms. Besides, the facility’s staff should be well-equipped to handle difficult situations and find solutions quickly.

Admittedly, those qualities are difficult to measure or track. All service providers want to only showcase their best sides. Do not let marketing and empty claims delude you, and always make sure to consult your adviser, art insurance provider, or someone who has experience working with fine art storage facilities.