The Outsider Art Fair 2024: Premier Fair Dedicated to Self-Taught Art

The Outsider Art Fair 2024 Premier Fair Dedicated to Self Taught Art

New York is called an art hub of the world for many reasons. It is the city where people of different backgrounds can express themselves freely through the act of creation and, no less importantly, share their art with the world. This weekend, NYC will become a place of celebration for those who are usually on the margins. It is a great honor for Fine Art Shippers to invite you to the Outsider Art Fair (OAF), a biannual event showcasing self-taught and outsider artists, which has made it its goal to spotlight and present artists whose work is commonly overlooked. Join us for the upcoming Outsider Art Fair 2024, which will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan from February 29 through March 3.

The Outsider Art Fair 2024: Premier Fair Dedicated to Self-Taught Art

The Outsider Art Fair 2024 has an exceptional event program and includes two Curated Spaces. The first one coincides with the 50th anniversary of Creative Growth Art Center and is called “Expanding the Canon: 50 Years of Creative Growth.” The second Curated Space, “Beat Art Work: Power of the Gaze,” will reveal the lesser-known side of the Beat Generation by presenting visual art created by some of the most important American authors. This exhibit is curated by Anne Waldman, a major figure in the experimental poetry community with direct ties to the Beat Generation poets.

The Outsider Art Fair is well-known for bringing together artists from all over the world. The 2024 edition is no exception and features works by Indigenous creatives from Bali, Australia, and the Canadian Arctic, as well as American artists whose art was previously overlooked. This particularly includes abstract expressionist paintings by the Ukrainian-American artist Janet Sobel.

Among other highlights of OAF 2024 are works by Dennis Gordon and Abigail Goldman. Both artists previously worked in fields completely unrelated to fine arts. Dennis Gordon is a retired firefighter from NYC, who makes tiny urban landscapes, and Abigail Goldman is a former Public Defender’s office investigator, who has become famous for her miniature murder scenes, which she refers to as “die-o-ramas.”

Fine Art Shippers is delighted to announce that we will be providing art handling services to exhibitors and guests of the Outsider Art Fair as an onsite shipper. Call us at (917) 658-5075 if you need to deliver fine art to/from the event. We can ship art anywhere in the US and internationally and guarantee the safety and security of your valuables along the way. We can’t wait to see you at the show!

Photo courtesy of the Outsider Art Fair