The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

When it comes to shipping fine art from Russia to the United States or vice versa, you will hardly find a better option than hiring Fine Art Shippers. With two decades of experience in transporting Russian art and reliable agents in Moscow and St. Petersburg, our company is your best chance to get the artwork quickly and in perfect condition. Besides, did you know that we also ship antiques, including unique Russian icons and artifacts? Moreover, we collaborate with the Ministry of Culture and ship antiques for some of the most reputable Russian museums. Plus, we help them obtain all the necessary permits to export truly valuable items. It is also impossible not to mention that authentic antique Russian icons can be found not only in Russia. For example, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA features one of the greatest collections of these amazing works of art outside of Russia.

The Museum of Russian Icons

Opened by Gordon B. Lankton in 2006, the Museum of Russian Icons is now the largest art museum of its kind in North America and one of the most important in the world. Its impressive collection features more than 1,000 Russian icons dating to the 15th – 19th century and also modern examples of religious icon art painted in the last few years. The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton is indeed a unique one, and it is definitely worth visiting!