The Living Gallery Outpost – Intimate Space for a Special Event

The Living Gallery Outpost

In our previous blog posts, we wrote about several amazing NYC spaces that are just perfect for hosting various events, from art exhibitions to holiday parties and more. For example, if you are looking for an affordable gallery space in Brooklyn, you will love The Greenpoint Gallery that can accommodate any purpose. In case you want something more exquisite, we would recommend White Space Chelsea that can be easily transformed for any event. In this blog post, we want to tell you about one more noteworthy gallery space, this time in the East Village of Manhattan, NYC.

The Living Gallery Outpost

The Living Gallery Outpost is a 250 square foot gallery space opened in the heart of the East Village in 2017. It is located in the colorful, historic building with a lasting downtown charm, making it an ideal place for hosting a special event.

The Living Gallery Outpost was founded by the married couple Alexandria Hodgkins and Joseph Meloy and the owner of The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, Nyssa Frank. The Outpost has a similar model to the original Living Gallery, but with a focus on intimate events up to 20 guests. For example, it can be a good option for hosting a workshop, a small exhibition, or a pop-up shop. Besides, The Living Gallery Outpost is known for supporting emerging artists and providing them with exciting opportunities to showcase their works, including the gallery’s own Residency Program. Very recommended by our team of NYC art handlers!

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