The LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary 2019

Los Angeles Convention Center

Where to buy artwork by the eminent contemporary artist? To check out your local galleries is always a good idea, especially if you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or another large city. However, what if you don’t have time for visiting all these places? Where to buy artwork in such a case? International art fairs and shows can be a solution you are looking for! For instance, let us recommend visiting Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary on January 10-13 in West Palm Beach, FL or Art Fort Lauderdale on January 24-27 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you live on the West Coast, then you simply cannot miss the LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary that will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 23-27.

The LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary

The LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary is one of America’s most comprehensive international shows dedicated to modern and contemporary art. It is exactly the place where you can find an extraordinary array of artworks presented by the world’s leading art galleries on more than 200,000 sq ft of exhibition space. In particular, this year’s list of the LA Art Show exhibitors includes Jane Kahan Gallery from New York, Caldwell Snyder Gallery from San Francisco, Momentum Fine Art from Miami, Gallery Chiefs & Spirits from The Hague, Gallery KITAI from Tokyo, Isabel Anchorena Art Gallery from Buenos Aires, Arushi Arts from New Delhi, and many other reputable galleries from around the world. Besides, it is impossible not to mention that the amazing Los Angeles-based artist Brayden Bugazzi will also showcase his works at the LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary. As for Fine Art Shippers, we will be at the show too, helping galleries, artists, and collectors with art logistics.

Now that you know where to buy artwork by the eminent contemporary artist, take your time to plan a trip! Unique art experience is guaranteed!