The First Banksy Art Exhibition in Moscow

The first solo exhibition of art by the mysterious British artist Banksy was opened in the Central House of Artist (CHA) in Moscow on June 2. Featuring approximately 100 authentic works, including video materials, photographs, prints, and 3D objects, it is undoubtedly the summer’s biggest event for all Russian fans of the “most wanted man in the world of art.”

The exhibition entitled “Banksy: Genius or Vandal?” represents an amazing selection of works that come from Lilley Fine Art Gallery, different private collections, and museums of modern art. The title speaks for itself, raising a long-standing question about Banksy art that has literally changed the public’s view on graffiti and street art on the whole. Combining wit and irony, Banksy’s works that can be found throughout the world represent somewhat messages against war, capitalism, and corporations, which makes them especially provocative and notable. It is also worth noting that only very few people know who Banksy is, while for the others this elusive artist remains a source of intrigue and mystery. However, it does not prevent him to be one of the most influential living artists in the world.

One more interesting thing about Banksy is that he does not sell his art, and he definitely does not approve of his works being sold by other people. It is perhaps one of the reasons why exhibitions and sales of Banksy art are pretty rare, making each one of them even more significant. Nevertheless, Banksy’s murals, paintings, prints, and other works can still be found at auctions worldwide, giving collectors an excellent opportunity to purchase a truly unique piece of contemporary art by this iconic artist. Some of these works are currently on view in the Central House of Artist in Moscow, so if you have such a chance, do not miss this fantastic exhibition! It runs through September 2.